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EV Charger Installation

At Headland Electrical Solutions we provide EV charger installations for residential and business locations, including your own homes. We have a wide range of EV chargers to suit every budget and requirement, from homeowners to businesses and car parks. Headland Electrical Solutions can also offer funded Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points supplied, installed and certified at your home through the Government grant scheme.

We have EV installers based in South Devon and can provide EV charger installations throughout the county. Our expert knowledge in EV charging points gives us the ability to install for a variety of clients.

Electric Car Home Charging

At Headland Electrical Solutions we provide a complete EV charger installation service for your home premises, providing low cost EV charging points from Europe’s largest range. You can be assured that your charging point will be installed by professional friendly engineers who pride themselves on their work.

We also offer the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). This government-backed scheme offers financial assistance towards your home EV charger installation by allowing you to claim a grant for up to 75% of the associated costs. Our team of expert EV installers are specialists in navigating the process of securing this grant and carrying out the complete installation process for our clients.

We can offer EV charger installation in Paignton, Newton Abbot, Dawlish, Torbay, Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth and throughout the South Devon area.

If you are interested in an electric car home charging solution please get in touch today either by calling 0800 0560 362 or by filling out our contact form. All advice and quotes are free with no obligation to purchase.

Workplace & Car Park Charging Points

As well as EV charging points for your home property, Headland Electrical Solutions also offers EV charger installation services for commercial premises and car parks. From a single charger to multiple units, whatever your needs may be our EV installers can advise you on the perfect solution for your specific requirements before providing a professional and high-quality installation service.

If you are considering EV charging points for your workplace or commercial car park, please get in touch with our team to discuss your individual requirements.

Either call us on 0800 0560 362 or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch.

EV charger installation Paignton



EV CommercialCharge
A low-cost, entry level commercial charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle (EV) on the market today. This unit has been specifically designed for charging EVs in commercial locations such as offices, factories, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, etc., and is available in J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable, or IEC 62196 socket, versions – as well as in IEC 62196 SuperFast (3phase, 11kW/22kW) tethered lead and socket versions.


EV Wall Unit

A robust, heavy duty, vandal resistant EV charging unit specifically manufactured for exposed locations. This versatile unit charges via its IEC62196 (Type 2) Mode 3 charging socket(s), which are securely locked away when not in use. Ideal locations include hotels, car parks, offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, leisure centres and retail and commercial premises. It is available in 1way or 2 way, 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW), FastCharge versions c/w hatch lock, built-in overload & fault current protection – as well as a SuperFast 1way version featuring 3 phase 11kW or 22kW charging.


EV Wall Unit (Coin/Token – PAYG)

Same as the SecuriCharge unit described above, but offering a simple pay-to-charge solution via a coin or token payment system.


EV Pedestal

Brother to our world-leading Classic utility pedestal, which now boasts over 110,000 sold worldwide, this mass produced, tried and tested pedestal is, we believe, the most affordable and adaptable EV charging pedestal in the world. It offers either 1way or 2way IEC 62196 Type 2, Mode 3 fast charging socket(s), c/w hatch lock, built-in overload & fault current protection. Also available as a SuperFast unit in a 1way or 2way IEC 62196 version offering 3 phase (11kW or 22kW) charging.


EV Pedestal
Heavy duty, hard wearing pedestal designed and manufactured for commercial environments. This versatile future-proof unit is available in 1way or 2 way, Type 2, Mode 3 IEC 62196 FastCharge or SuperFast format, c/w hatch lock facility, built-in overload and fault current protection.


EV Pedestal (Coin/Token – PAYG)
Same as the AutoCharge unit described above, this pay-to-charge pedestal incorporates a payment system operated by either coins (currency) or unique tokens.

Electric car home charging Exeter

Quantum EV Pedestal

Offering a blend of flair, quality and value not yet seen in the industry, Quantum has been specifically designed to offer a range of versatile charging solutions for the workplace, commercial and public locations. Key features include a robust anodised aluminium structure, energy efficient LED amenity lighting and Smart integration capability. Quantum also provides the perfect canvas for bespoke colour schemes and corporate branding.

EV StreetCharge

Developed to offer both electric vehicle charging and street lighting from the same column – ideal for private and public facing solutions. EV: StreetCharge can be supplied as a whole new column or as an upgrade kit to existing street lights – there are thousands of street lights throughout the UK, many of which have sufficient electricity available to also provide electric vehicle charging.

EV Control Centre

Designed to centrally manage localised multiple EV charging points from a single control panel, this versatile system allows up to 18 x EV charging points/bays to be managed from one ControlCentre. Offering either free-to-use or pay-to-use (PAYG) charging options, the system has been specially designed to be similar in operation to a car park ticket machine. The driver simply parks in the EV charge point parking bay and, through this unit, initiates the EV charging procedure.

EV GroupManager

This has been designed to provide a privately managed RFID/computer controlled multi-point EV charging system/network.

  • Monitors, records and cloud hosts both driver and charge point activity (user ID, user activity, user authorisation, charge point location, charge point activity, charge time period(s), kWh consumption.)
  • Drivers use an RFID card/fob to operate
  • Can be managed from one or more computer terminals
  • Secure GSM/Ethernet/Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Automatic authorisation/authentication of driver
  • Manages unlimited charge points
  • Ideal for fleets, businesses, clubs, lease companies, housing developments, etc.
  • Ideal for benefit-in-kind management
  • OCPP/Back Office

Professional EV Installer

Headland Electrical Solutions offers a comprehensive EV charger installation service for residential and commercial clients throughout Exeter, Paignton, Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas of South Devon.

Get in touch with our team today on 0800 0560 362 or via the contact form for more information on how we can deliver the perfect EV charging solution for your circumstances.

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